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Unicorn Cercerus Chibi - Guns Up by LordCastigator
Unicorn Cercerus Chibi - Guns Up
A pic showing off his few armaments. In his right hand, an assault rifle with low recoil, meaning the 1m tall Artificial Intelligence robot can use it 1 handed while staying pretty much on target. A variety of ammo is available for it, with reloads stored either inside the Chibi Unit's body or on external hardpoints. Folded back on the right arm are the dual multi-fire tazer guns, 1 above & 1 below the spotlight mounted in the middle. The tazers are both capable of firing a pair of insulated cable with barbs on the end up to 100 meters before delivering anything between a startling shock & a lethal jolt. On top of this, both are able to reload & fire several new shots while older cables are still attached, allowing multiple targets to be suppressed at once.

On the left arm, 2 light Gatling guns for suppressive fire, firing ball-bearing type rounds magnetically allowing for targets to be pinned down with less risk of death, mind you they can come out at very high speed & at a respectable rate of fire. These are mounted to the shield, also made with Tuned Psycoframe, meaning in 0G (space) environments, the human partner can use the package as a remote weapon if needed.

Finally there are 2 essentially large pistols built into the head, where the Gundam's Head Gatling normally go. They rank amongst the most powerful pistols, with armour piercing rounds to help take down larger threats, however limited ammo means they are delegated as secondary weapons. These provide a final line of defense as well as a suitable surprise attack when needed...


I can be a pretty nice guy when I'm not being an asshole. Usually I watch a few people quietly, though I chat to a few friends I got on here...

Current Residence: Earth, solar System...
Favourite genre of music: Anything with enouigh bass & fast enough tempo
MP3 player of choice: One that works & has music I like on it?
Skin of choice: mine?
Personal Quote: *chuckle*



Quick Description

Easiest way to describe myself is a Mad Scientist who's not afraid to fight if need be. I could also just say a walking contradiction, since I have noticed character traits which do seem to contradict each other, yet work together somehow.

Also, as a side note, I have a lot of Deviations to sort through, it's gotten as high as 2000+, so I don't always comment when I fav a pic from my list. Sorry if it seems rude, it just with so many to work through, it's interesting trying to keep up with it all...



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