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build a mech wave 2 by blazbaros - My Commissions by LordCastigator build a mech wave 2 by blazbaros - My Commissions :iconlordcastigator:LordCastigator 2 0 I am an Ally... by LordCastigator I am an Ally... :iconlordcastigator:LordCastigator 0 1 Enderbeast logo-01 by AltairSky by LordCastigator Enderbeast logo-01 by AltairSky :iconlordcastigator:LordCastigator 0 0 Enderbeast logo-02 by AltairSky by LordCastigator Enderbeast logo-02 by AltairSky :iconlordcastigator:LordCastigator 0 3 mistyraptor Adopt Enderbeast By Altairsky by LordCastigator mistyraptor Adopt Enderbeast By Altairsky :iconlordcastigator:LordCastigator 0 0
A Day Of Destinies 4 - The Final Unfolding...
A Day Of Destinies – Final Unfolding…
Watching Daniel cough up some water he had tried breathing then put some pizza in the microwave to eat, Castigator chuckled at the sight before his expression became more serious. Looking up, the 3 meteors were right on target, coming in from 3 different angles. He wished he could make what was going to happen easier, but this was the way it HAD to play out. After all, Castigator of all people was in no position to stop this happening. In the blaze of a fire-trail, the first meteor hit the house. Not a true meteor, it was actually a damaged re-entry capsule for delivering specimens to Earth from an orbiting space lab. It had been knocked off target & damaged by shrapnel from space, & while it had survived re-entry, its contents had been significantly heated & unstable. As the capsule smashed its way through the house it developed several fractures so when it finally hit the kitchen bench, the top shattered which sent shrapnel through th
:iconlordcastigator:LordCastigator 0 0
200 Meters... by LordCastigator 200 Meters... :iconlordcastigator:LordCastigator 1 0
A Day Of Destinies 3 - Castigator's View...
A Day of Destinies –Castigator View…
A young man wandered into the café in the Foothills shopping centre, brought a sausage roll, tomato sauce & 600ml choc milk before going out & sitting on a chair just outside. Looking around, Castigator thought about how long it had been since he’d been back to his home town, though technically it was a city apparently. As the Imperator Rex, he was usually a pretty busy guy, keeping the supernatural peace, stopping the plots of Demons, making sure any Angels who got a bit too “holier than thou” to pull their heads in, generally keeping the 2 sides relatively peaceful & away from all-out war. Another part of his job & those who followed his lead was to help people live up to their destinies, helped by the fact he could see their possible futures.
Looking at 2 mid-teen boys as they walked past talking quietly to each other, he could see they were on their way to hold up a nearby deli on the other side of the small sh
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A Day Of Destinies 2 - Constable Margret's Story
A Day Of Destinies - Constable Margret’s Story
“This is Constable Margret, still in pursuit. Travelling South on Albany Hwy through Maddington into Gosnells, just crossing the train tracks! Request backup immediately!”
Constable Margret was riding shotgun with her partner in high speed pursuit of 2 crooks who had just robbed a store then shot the place up as they left. The 2 Cops had just happened to be walking to that very shop when the 2 crooks had burst out, firing several rounds into the shop before spotting the Cops & jumping in their car nearby. The Officers didn’t have a clear shot, a family had just pulled into the bay next to the gunmen’s car & as she tried to get a clear shot, their engine roared to life & they took off as fast as they could. Her partner jumped in their patrol car, starting the engine as Margret got in the passenger seat. That was only a minute ago though, now they were nearing central Gosnells, her home turf. She knew the roads
:iconlordcastigator:LordCastigator 0 0
A Day Of Destinies 1 - Jessica's Story
A Day Of Destinies - Jessica’s Story
Little Jessy came out of the Foothills Shopping Centre’s Lissiman Street entrance holding on to her mum’s trolley, looking at her little brother in its baby seat, the 1 year old playing with a soccer ball the size of her fist. They’d just done their week’s shopping, now to go to the car & unload, then she could get a fruit rollup for helping out so much, she liked those. The 5 year old could hear Police sirens somewhere around the area, but the white man in black jeans, polo shirt, sunglasses & trenchcoat had more of her attention. He seemed to be watching her from his seat at the nearby cafe. Her Mum noticed the man too, moving the trolley as close to the parked cars as possible without grinding Jessica into them as they went past. The man made Jessy nervous, like her wasn’t just looking at her, but tracking her too…
Jessy never noticed the sirens getting louder, however she did notice when her broth
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Foothills Shopping Center, Perth Western Australia by LordCastigator Foothills Shopping Center, Perth Western Australia :iconlordcastigator:LordCastigator 0 0 Unicorn Cercerus Chibi - Guns Up by LordCastigator Unicorn Cercerus Chibi - Guns Up :iconlordcastigator:LordCastigator 0 0 Unicorn Cercerus Chibi - Psycoframe Glowing by LordCastigator Unicorn Cercerus Chibi - Psycoframe Glowing :iconlordcastigator:LordCastigator 3 0 Unicorn Cercerus Chibi - 4 angles by LordCastigator Unicorn Cercerus Chibi - 4 angles :iconlordcastigator:LordCastigator 3 0 Autobots, transform and roll out... by LordCastigator Autobots, transform and roll out... :iconlordcastigator:LordCastigator 1 0 Perth Ice Skating by LordCastigator Perth Ice Skating :iconlordcastigator:LordCastigator 1 0

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Payload: Send Off
"You really think you're ready for this, Mack?"  The voice crackled over the old comm unit, a slight taint of static ever present.
The large ogre of a man leaned back in his cockpit seat, taking a long draw from his cigar.  He blew smoke all around the dark cockpit, a bit of it catching the glow from the blinking console lights.
"Ready as I'll ever be." His voice rumbled like thunder, fitting for his great girth.  He scratched his neck; he hadn’t shaved this morning and it felt like sandpaper. "Besides, it's the ol' Valkyrie that needs to be ready; today's her last day.  She's ready, right Jimmy?"
Jimmy was Mack's pit mechanic, a small, bright kid, plucked from society’s underbelly.  He was like a gem hidden in the trash of Maximus' city depths, which were the refuse of every scumbag and backstabbing sonuvagun that wandered its neon lit streets. Mack always said that the Valkyrie's core would've died out a long time ago if it wasn't for him. In fact
:iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 9 8

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I can be a pretty nice guy when I'm not being an asshole. Usually I watch a few people quietly, though I chat to a few friends I got on here...

Current Residence: Earth, solar System...
Favourite genre of music: Anything with enouigh bass & fast enough tempo
MP3 player of choice: One that works & has music I like on it?
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Easiest way to describe myself is a Mad Scientist who's not afraid to fight if need be. I could also just say a walking contradiction, since I have noticed character traits which do seem to contradict each other, yet work together somehow.

Also, as a side note, I have a lot of Deviations to sort through, it's gotten as high as 2000+, so I don't always comment when I fav a pic from my list. Sorry if it seems rude, it just with so many to work through, it's interesting trying to keep up with it all...



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